Thursday, November 19, 2009

Matthew 22:39

A forward came through my email a while ago. I say 'through', because like most forwards, I let them pass right to the trash. Anyways, this one was a little different, because it came up in a later conversation. The summary of the email was something like this: 'The prime minister of Australia has taken to banishing Muslims from the continent'. Sounds silly, right. Banishing a group of people, because of something they believe in. But, then the conversation continued. Maybe the President of the United States should do the same. Deport Muslims from the country.
See, the idea is so general, it's ridiculous. I lean on this thought for my defense of that statement:there are missionaries that believe in the Lord God our savior who are in foreign countries, risking their lives to share the gospel with non-believers. Their lives are at risk because governments do not want them to share their "religion", and are willing to kill for these acts. And we say 'this is awful, these atrocities'.
So, what's the difference. People of Muslim faith want to live in our countries. They want to enjoy the same freedoms and privileges we do. And I'd say most of them aren't even trying to convert us to believe in their 'God'. And we want them out? Where is the 'neighborlyness Jesus spoke of in Matthew?
Muslims are not terrorists. Terrorists are terrorists. Terrorism is selfish acts done by those who have twisted their "faith" to make it work for them. Let's not be as selfish.

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  1. Well said Chad! Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. Good place to start... and end.