Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Review of '5 Cities That Ruled The World' by Douglas Wilson

Douglas Wilson presents a very in-depth and intriguing portrayal of 5 cities around the world that have, at one point in time, in fact ruled the world. The 5 cities are Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York. Now, this is through each city's involvement in the start or elevation of different beliefs, practices, spirituality, military stature, and so on.
Each city is given a chapter's worth of facts, explanations, backgrounds, and stories of what their respective importance was to the world at a certain part of time.
In his introduction, Wilson asks the reader to remember these basic principles when looking at these cities: "1-Cities are objects in the world that can be found. 2-Cities, like the men and women that live in them, have life spans, and that life span is approximately 250 years. 3-Cities are moral agents. 4-Cities are loved by their sons and daughters. 5-Cities are the world." With these principles in mind, it is easy to understand how Douglas Wilson could present these 5 cities as he does. Also, Wilson does suggest that there are summarizations and generalizations about each city, for example, that Jerusalem taught us the importance of spirit; Athens, thinking and reason; Rome, the importance of law; London, literature; and New York business and commerce. These are also presented in his introduction, so going into this book, there is no misunderstanding that each city is categorized in one way.
I found the book very deep, in facts and in presentation. I could tell that Mr. Wilson is very passionate about the history of each city, and how we can learn from successes and failures of the cities.
I had a hard time keeping up with some of the things that were presented, but that is from my lack of understanding, not at all with anything Douglas Wilson presented.
I believe this is a great book for history buffs, and for those that are interested in learning about the 5 cities place in the world's history.

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Thank you, and enjoy.

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