Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Review Of A Multi-Site Church Road Trip

Before I started this book, my view of multi-site churches was negative for personal reasons. I thought the idea of a message presented on a screen was impersonal. I don't even like watching our pastor on the screens at our church, and he is right on stage. I thought it was about churches growing just to make a name for themselves. And I thought church should be one building, one pastor, one crowd. I was a fool.
Geoff, Greg, and Warren have presented some churches that have made great strides in the setup and execution of excellent multi-site churches. I especially like places like Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, with their 3-in-1 setup. Or Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where any new location doesn't follow a template, but caters to the area it is planted in.
These ideas would have never occurred to me before. And although I'm still not totally sold on video pastoring, the fact that churches are doing the rest of the service live, like worship, prayer, intro, there would still be a community worshiping together, which I believe is very important.
I also like that the authors went to different churches around the country and personally experienced each one. They could have easily mailed it in and just talked about each one, but instead they visited, and through their times there, relayed those encounters to us. That shows a real passion, which shows throughout this book.
Overall, I liked it. I would definitely recommend (I already have), especially to anybody considering or just starting the idea of a multi-site church.

I hope you enjoy!